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Summer Easton:

I just received mine in the mail on Friday. I wasn’t sure how to use it so I washed my face and put the serum on immediately. I used the directed amount of 1 pump. Made my face feel smooth but I could definetly tell the serum was on. That night I used the exfoliater and than the serum. Yesterday I did the serum and last night I used the mask and than put the serum on. I used a little less serum and I think it’s better because I don’t feel like I have anything on my face. I can say that the hair over my lips doesn’t seem to have grown back as fast. I don’t shave it I normally just cut it and I usually have to at least once a day but I noticed this morning it wasn’t as bad. When using the products I really focus on rubbing the stuff in around the lips and chin area because that’s where my problem areas are. Also I have sensitive skin I break out very easy and I haven’t had any issues with these products. Hoping for good results!


Jackie Hanscome:

I ordered the holiday offer and when I received my products I used the exfoliator then the mask and fished up with the pump. I’ve been using it for one week now and I’ve noticed less growth even as soon as day two of my use! I’m impressed! I wasn’t expecting it to work so quickly but it has!
Thank you!!


Sadie Lundry:

I ordered this package shortly after new years. I was very happy with how quickly I got the products. I started using the Serum right away. The first thing I noticed was the smell, it was quite nice. It doesn’t smell like medicine or any type of chemical, which I kind of thought it might. The 2nd thing i noticed is that you really need to rub in the serum otherwise it will leave a green tint (which will wash away after using soap and water). The next morning I used the serum and the scrub. I somewhat noticed a decrease of growth on my side burns (my problem areas are my sideburns (shave once a day), my chin (which I pluck everyday) and my upper lip). The next day i noticed that there was quite a bit of less growth. There still was hair but it hadn’t grown as much over night as it normally did. When i pluck my chin hairs i can also tell they are not as dark. I am looking forward to what my results will be after using for a month. if money is a concern I would recommend just getting the Serum. That is what is used the most. I use mind 2x a day. I would most deff recommend this product.


Shirley Muñoz:

I’ve been suffering from PCOS for so many years, I already lost the count on how many products I’ve been trying to deal the hirsutism. Until I found this amazing product I receive my package 3 days ago and I’m amazed!!!! I just love love love this product I see results immediately!!!! I definitely recommend this product.


Jennifer Benoit:

As someone with PCOS who has tried everything, I am in shock that this product works! In 8 days, I have seen a dramatic reduction in the amount of hair on my chin/neck & upper lip. The hair that remains is now thinner and lighter. I have spent far too many years of daily plucking (often through tears) & I just know this will be life changing. I already feel my self esteem returning. I am so thankful!



I have PCOS as well and I’ve tried everything possible to help. I also battle with huge self-esteem issues because of the extra hair to the point of not being able to wear my hair up. So things like going to the gym, hot summers and having a pony tail was unvomfortable. I prefer to just have my hair down and hide like a turtle in its shell. I bought the kit and have only had time for the serum. Holy cow!! After 4 days of use I cannot get over how much my hair growth has slowed down and thinned out. I was so sceptical at first wondering what the gimmick was because everything always seemed too good to be true. I will stand by this product 100%! I highly recommend this for my PCOS cysters. My husband of 10 years knows but it’s and topic we DON’T discuss has said that he’s noticed I seem more confident. I even wore my hair up to work the other day! :)